Can i install CCTVs outside landed property ?

Want to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) outside your private landed property in Singapore? Security is among the major concerns for a majority of private landed property owners in Singapore. In the last couple of decades, frequency or rate of thefts has practically doubled. As a result, many homeowners in Singapore are considering equipping their properties with advanced security gadgets.

However, some homeowners in Singapore seem to be confused whether or not closed-circuit television  cameras installation outside their private landed properties is legally permitted. However, the increasing safety concerns of the residents have been considered by the authority and therefore, homeowners are allowed to install CCTVs or any other advance security gadgets outside their private landed properties.

Why you should install CCTVs outside landed property

In the following scenarios, it is definitely legal and homeowners are certainly permitted to install closed-circuit television cameras outside their private landed properties in Singapore.

1. Family members need to be protected from the illegal harassment of moneylenders. closed-circuit television cameras can help gather obvious proof that can be used to easily report these security breaches to the committee.

2. Potential burglaries, robberies and thefts need to be protected. Since it is possible for investigators to access these video recordings later and use them, burglars, robbers and thieves avoid private landed properties outside houses that have closed-circuit television cameras installed outside.

How external CCTVs can help

With these advanced cameras, comprehensive surveillance can be carried out of the area outside the private landed property. Photos are also clicked by these cameras whenever there in an unexpected movement and those photos are saved on the memory.

Video is also recorded by these close circuit cameras and it is possible to access them online. The surveillance operation can also be controlled remotely because of the advanced technology. So, even when homeowners are away from home, they do not have to worry about the security of their private landed properties.

Optional audio transmission, real time recording and smartphone tablet integration is also allowed by these powerful gadgets. As a result, operations become easier and more user-friendly for the homeowners. These gadgets are built to integrate any other any other technology related to it.

Locally available closed-circuit television cameras are specifically designed for private landed properties in Singapore. They are affordable, backed by support from vendors and warranties. It is possible to obtain special quotes and call for private property CCTVs installation on the Internet.

Are there any legal restrictions?

Owners of private landed properties do not have to worry about privacy concerns if they want to install closed-circuit television cameras outside since they own the property.

Moreover, the installation of CCTVs outside of private landed properties has already been permitted by the authorities of Singapore. Thus, these cameras can be installed without worrying about violating anyone’s privacy.

 As long as the specific cameras manufactured for private property closed-circuit television cameras installation, there is nothing illegal about installing it. So, yes, you can certainly install CCTVs outside your private landed property in Singapore.


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