CCTV Camera with Audio Recording

CCTV cameras or IP Camera, they are able to record audio together with the video image. However the two types of CCTV cameras, analog CCTV camera and IP CCTV camera record the sound in different manners. Here’s how each of them work. We provide all kinds of CCTV Camera with Audio Recording.

CCTV with audio recording function

Analog CCTV


The audio input is directly fed into the DVR. It means, between the DVR and the microphone (audio input device), it is the analog signal transmission. The digitalization of the audio signal is done at the recorder level.

The limitation of how many microphones can be installed of this solution would be the number of inputs allowed by the DVR.

IP CCTV camera

The audio input is fed into the IP Camera. Between the IP camera and the microphone, it’s the analog signal transmission. However, the digitalization of the audio signal is done at the IP camera level. And it will be a digital signal to transmit to the NVR.

The limitation of how many microphones can be installed, for this solution, would purely depend on the number of video channels of the NVR, and whether the IP camera comes with the audio input. Say, an 8 channel NVR, with all the 8 audio-input-available IP cameras installed, can accommodate up to 8 microphones.

There are those types of IP cameras integrated with embedded microphone. The logic is the same as above.

Can security cameras record audio legally?

The audio surveillance laws by state vary from place to place and are generally stricter than video monitoring regulations. This also explains why not all security cameras have audio.  Here are a few factors you need to check out :

Where are the CCTV cameras with voice recording installed?

If the security cameras with audio are placed in your home for security purpose, then without any doubt, your CCTV cameras can record audio legally.

When it comes to the places where people have the expectation of privacy, such as the bedrooms, dressing rooms, toilets, etc., both audio and video recording are not allowed.

The legality of audio recording in public places can be more complicated and you’ll have to consider other factors as well.

Does the subject consent to audio recording?

According to the privacy laws in most states, CCTV cameras cannot record sound unless you obtain the consent of at least one party involved in the conversation.

There are some countries and states that don’t allow the recording of another person with their consent . Putting up a sign that informs that audio recording is taking place can be considered as consent . For example , business owners putting up a sign outside their store indicating that there is camera surveillance being carried out at all times.

The most reliable way to learn if security cameras can have audio, is to search related local, state, and federal laws or to consult your attorney directly before you have one camera installed.


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