How to change password for Dahua CCTV camera

1. Click the icon of “iDMSS” (iPhone) or “GDMSS” (Android Phone) to open the app.
2. Click the top left corner (the Menu) now.
3. Click “Device Manager”.
4. Click the CCTV device which you want to modify the password.
5. Click “Device Modification”
6. Click “Modify the device password”.
7. Enter your old password, followed by the new password you want to set. Don’t forget to press the top right corner of the “Save” icon to save the changes

Password has been changed now! Don’t forget the update the password on your other PCs and mobile phones for the Dahua device.

How to choose a good password

Change CCTV Password
  • Consist of combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, and symbols.
  • At least 8 characters – the longer the better (as long as you can remember it or you can note it down somewhere safe)
  • Be unique. Don’t re-use your existing passwords
  • Do not use dictionary words or common words (such as “password”, “admin”, etc)


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