Is it legal to install a CCTV outside my house?

Want to install CCTV outside your HDB? For most tenants of HDB apartments in Singapore, security is one of the major concerns. In last few decades, the incidence of thefts has almost got doubled. As a result, the house owners and renters are considering the house to equip with advanced security gadgets like CCTV cameras, biometric locks these days.

Some HDB residents think that it’s not legally permitted to install these Close Circuit TV Cameras in the common HDB spaces. But the authority has considered the increasing safety concerns of the inhabitants and now allows the tenants to install the advance security gadgets.

Why you should install a CCTV in your house

These close circuit cameras can serve as a standalone security system at home. When you’re away from home for a while or, you come home late every night, you definitely need an advanced CCTV camera at your home. These cameras can:


1. Increase security and promote safety outside the home.

For most homeowners, with many sales people, loan shark runners and strangers lurking around the block, having a high level of security and safety is of paramount importance. Most home owners would prefer to monitor the activities outside their homes at the corridor and should anything happen, have ready evidence for the police to conduct their investigations.

What to do: They will also be required to apply for a town council permit before installing the cameras. As town council approval exists to protect the privacies of the neighbours such that no invasion of personal space happens.

2. Prevents burglary and theft

Although this won’t necessarily prevent your house from being robbed, you can still view the footage if it ever does. If you place cameras in the right places and angles, you can identify the thief and how they did it. With many IP cameras are available in the market, people can view footage through their mobile phone and computer. There is also the psychological factor whereby if someone sees a camera installed, they will be discourage to commit crime when in view of the cameras. 

3. Loan Shark harassment ​


Loan Shark harassments are definitely the most difficult problem to deal with because of the panic such acts result in. Coming back home to a doorway that is splashed in red paint or doused in petrol and lit up is going to cause huge panic and trauma.

What to do:

Hence in such situations, recommend that you:

a. Ensure that everyone at home is safe

b. Make a police report

c. Cooperate with the authorities in the investigation

d. Give the CCTV company a call and explore the option of installing cameras

e. Inform the town council and submit your police report


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