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CCTV Wired

Wired security is the most traditional and used primarily on larger properties. Evidenced by their name, wired security, these systems require cables for power, internet connection, and video transmission. A cable runs from the camera to a recorder, which then connects to your router. There are two choices for how a wired security system is powered, a separate power cord or one POE cable. POE or Power Over the Ethernet enabled systems only require one cable which provides both power and internet connection.


The main strength of wired security is reliability. Wired security systems are not susceptible to interference from wireless signals due to the physical connections between the camera, recorder, and router.

Supports Larger Systems
One of the primary determining factors when choosing a wired vs. wireless security camera system is the size of your property and the number of cameras needed. Many home or business owners with large properties want comprehensive coverage versus only monitoring select access points. As such, they will often require more than four cameras in which case will need a wired system that can support and link all the cameras. Wired systems can support 4 to 16 cameras. In addition to connecting all the cameras, the security footage needs to be stored on a recorder, either a DVR or NVR recorder.


Installation Time
One of the most significant drawbacks of a wired system is the installation process. Although installing a wired security system doesn’t require professionals, it does require running multiple cables which can be daunting for some. In addition, wired solutions tend to be less flexible when it comes to mounting than both wireless and wire-free solutions as they need access to a power outlet.

Vulnerable to Power Outages
Another disadvantage of wired security systems is their vulnerability to power outages. If your property loses power, so will your security system. Although power outages are often infrequent, it’s an important consideration. For remote properties this can be mitigated with a backup generator.


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The average home owner or prospective user definitely lacks the technical expertise needed to properly identify and choose the CCTV cable that is most suitable for his needs. Consequently, the intervention of a consulting firm that is capable of guiding the prospective clients in making the right decision is therefore by all means necessary. 

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