Hard disk storage

All the video footage that are stored in your CCTV-DVR hard disk. You can always review the footage video anytime, anywhere you want. All you need is the hard disk and a reader. (Read Personalized Website for Realtime Viewing of CCTV Cameras to know how to remotely view the video).

This way of Storing data provide extra safety for the footage, even when the camera is damage or stolen. Unless your DVR/NVR is stolen too.

The size of hard disk we provide ranges from 500GB to 4TB, Western Digital Surveillance Grade HDD, which allows you to store the video footage up to 12 months, depending on how many cameras you install.


About us

The average home owner or prospective user definitely lacks the technical expertise needed to properly identify and choose the CCTV cable that is most suitable for his needs. Consequently, the intervention of a consulting firm that is capable of guiding the prospective clients in making the right decision is therefore by all means necessary. 

CCTV home is an example of such a company. It basically tests, evaluates and guides consumers in purchasing the right surveillance equipment. To get started, you can visit our website CCTV home or Contact Us is all that is necessary.  A member of its customer care department is always on standby and very eager to receive any incoming inquiries and act on them soonest possible.

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