Video Structuration

This is dahua’s new cctv system development / new technology, “Video structuration”. what is it ? How does it work you may ask …. 

VIDEO STRUCTURATION is an AI system which Dahun spent years to perfect. It is a cctv system where it helps the user to separates the information of the different types of traffic on the road so when something happened on the road the police or users can find what had happened and get the correct info.

This CCTV technology can detect many small details like the clothes what color you are wearing, the type of vehicle you are using, your sex gender be it male or female, the license plate number who’s car it belongs too… it’s almost like technology in a movie but in real life.


About us

The average home owner or prospective user definitely lacks the technical expertise needed to properly identify and choose the CCTV cable that is most suitable for his needs. Consequently, the intervention of a consulting firm that is capable of guiding the prospective clients in making the right decision is therefore by all means necessary. 

CCTV home is an example of such a company. It basically tests, evaluates and guides consumers in purchasing the right surveillance equipment. To get started, you can visit our website CCTV home or Contact Us is all that is necessary.  A member of its customer care department is always on standby and very eager to receive any incoming inquiries and act on them soonest possible.

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